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Austin Green Building
I’ve been part of the Austin Green Building Community since its beginning in 1991. That network of architects, builders, and designers, working together with representatives of the City of Austin’s Environment Conservation Services Department (now Austin Energy), produced the country’s first official Green Building Rating system.

Our dedication to sustainability and stewardship of the environment helped forge idealism into the reality of today’s Green Building movement. Our community even coined the term “Green Builder”. And the success of Austin Energy Green Building shows the growing public awareness of the need to protect the environment in which we live and work.

I am dedicated to building with Green concepts. The last five homes I built were rated with five stars. All my remodeling has incorporated the same values.

“This Old House” Austin Green Project
It was an honor to be chosen as the contractor for the “This Old House” Austin Project. This series of eight episodes, broadcast in 2007, follows a major remodeling and addition project in central Austin. Of course the project was exciting—how many contractors get to help film a series? But it was also exhausting and a little intimidating, too. We worked with the most well-known and knowledgeable crew in residential construction watching our every move. I barely slept for months and lost ten pounds, but the producers, the film crew, and the “Five Guys” loosely referred to as “The Talent” were as gracious and friendly as they could be. (For photos, go to the Projects page.)

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Remodeling while respecting the surrounding trees, and the work of generations past

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Keeping the neighborhood scale with new construction

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Using well chosen materials for Durability, Sustainability and Health.